HMWSSB planning ‘voluntary disclosure scheme' to regularise connections

If you have an illegal water connection, no need to despair. You can now get it regularised by shelling out penalty.

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) is planning to introduce a voluntary disclosure scheme on the lines of the GHMC's Building Penalisation Scheme to regularise illegal connections.

It will be strictly a one-time settlement scheme probably in force for two months. It is intended to not only plug the revenue leakage but also provide an opportunity to consumers to get their connections legalised. In fact, there has been a demand from the city legislators for introduction of such a scheme. The Board is likely to launch the scheme from July 15.

Severe action

It is proposed to collect one year's tariff plus the water connection charges and penalty to regularise illegal connections. Severe action will be taken against those who fail to regularise their connections within 60 days.

Authorities actually planned to raid premises having illegal connections and initiate legal action but in view of the magnitude of the task the idea is shelved, it is said. A survey done by the Water Board has shown that there are close to 25,000 illegal connections, mostly in the suburbs. Residents had taken such connections in collusion with the lower-rung staff. As a result they are availing free water while the Board is incurring heavy losses.

HMWSSB's woes have increased after Hyderabad became greater. It is under intense pressure to supply water to the adjacent 12 municipalities on a par with the core city.

At present 86.27 mgd water is supplied to 3.08 lakh connections in the surrounding municipalities. There are a total of 7.35 lakh water connections in the twin cities.

  • Raid on premises with illegal connections and legal action planned
  • Authorities shelve idea in view of the magnitude of the task