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Congress leaders singing praise of Sonia Gandhi, says Dadi Veerbhadra Rao

Many districts in Telangana are for a unified State, says Yerran

Congress Ministers, MPs and MLAs not sincere, according to him

VISAKHAPATNAM: In the face of a strong feeling among the people about an issue, like the present one, the peoples’ representatives and leaders have to honour the same, said senior Telugu Desam leaders Dadi Veerbhadra Rao and Kinjaraju Yerran Naidu here on Wednesday.

The two leaders who separately called on the 11 students of Andhra University who are continuing their indefinite fast in King George Hospital after being shifted there by the police, explained the peoples’ representatives stand on supporting the demand to keep Andhra Pradesh united.

“The situation is such that the MLAs and MPs have to go along with the people. It’s not the party’s stand now”, Mr. Veerabhadra Rao, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council said. People’s representatives of Andhra and Telangana regions, irrespective of their party affiliation were strongly supporting the demand of people of their regions, an each party is almost divided vertically on this issue, he said. He criticised Vijayawada MP Lagadpati Rajagopal and other Congress leaders, who always sing praise of party president Sonia Gandhi, for not convincing her.

Mr. Veerabhadra Rao said the Prime Minister himself should have released the appeal to the people of Andhra Pradesh to maintain peace but an official doing so had demonstrated that the PMO did not care AP people, he said.

Mr. Yerran Naidu said on the support for a united AP by the party MPs and MLAs that in a democratic set up the people’s wish was supreme. Party’s stand and leadership would come later. However, party president was discussing the issue, and there was no vertical division in the party region-wise and no separate regional units would come into being, he said.

TDP and other parties agreed for creation of a separate State of Telangana believing that the people wanted the same but now they have understood the mood of people against separation as the reaction to the Centre’s announcement on starting the process of separation was very strong, he explained. “During 2004 TRS and the Congress were together and won and in 2009 TRS was with us and lost, which indicated that the demand for separate Telangana was not strong”, Mr. Naidu said.

He asserted that many districts in Telangana were for a unified State.

Mr. Yerran Naidu asked why the Congress Ministers and MPs of Andhra area did not resign. TDP MLAs and MPs resigned and the MLAs showed their sincerity on resigning by insisting with the Speaker to accept their resignations. Party leader Ashok Gajapathi Raju has even vacated his quarters. But this kind of sincerity was not shown by the Congress Ministers, MLAs and MPs.