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Rayalaseema not their fiefdom: Samiti

In case of division, Rayalaseema will be at the crossroads without resources and infrastructure

‘Rulers of five decades committed blunder by developing only Hyderabad'

KURNOOL: Rayalaseema Sadhana Samiti faulted the elected representatives from the region who aired their views on ‘bifurcation' of the State at a meeting at Hyderabad yesterday.

Samiti convener Naveen, co-convener Seshaphani, members Phani and Bhargava said the leaders should have elicited the views of the people from grassroots before airing their views.

Rayalaseema was not their fiefdom to decide at their will, they said. It was for the people to decide whether Rayalaseema should be with Telangana or with Andhra. In case of division, Rayalaseema would be at the crossroads without resources and infrastructure. First the leaders should have a common opinion over the next course of action before planning the course of action.

The Samiti leaders said the rulers in the last five decades committed a blunder by dumping all resources for the development of Hyderabad. The undue importance given to Hyderabad led to all problems now. The Samiti planned to create awareness among people to communicate their wish to leaders so that a few individuals did not decide the fate of Rayalaseema. The body felt that Rayalaseema was feasible as an independent State in the event of division. They said Rayalaseema suffered great injustice on the front of allocation of river water. All these issues needed public focus now to undo the injustice.