Offenders exploit crowded situations at banks, writes MARRI RAMU

  • Never leave your cash bag or valuables in vehicle
  • Do not get carried away by stranger's words

    The victim knew about thefts by `attention diversion' gangs near banks. A plainclothes policeman was also present at the bank looking out for suspected offenders.

    That was the oddity about the theft of Rs. 5 lakhs by such a gang from a CPDCL employee three days ago at ICICI bank's Khairatabad branch. When a stranger tapped on his car window pointing to the vehicle's rear side, he didn't realise that he was being lured into a trap.

    He got out from the car, saw some currency notes lying on the road and was wondering what to do when the stranger grabbed the cash bag from the passenger seat and bolted.

    This incident once again reminds how distraction, even for a couple of seconds while carrying cash, results in thefts.

    Recalling the incident, the CPDCL officer feels that clients tend to forget security tips with the maddening rush inside the bank and equally chaotic parking scenario outside.

    "Once you walk out, your mind will be pre-occupied on how to get your vehicle out of the parking lot ."

    After analysing such thefts reported earlier at the same bank and other places in city, police officials agree that offenders are cleverly exploiting the crowded situations at banks.

    What precautions customers should take then? Criminals are always a step ahead of the police. Apparently, they know about the plainclothes policemen keeping surveillance near the banks. Now, they are targeting people who park their vehicles. Every time, thieves don't use the trick of luring people to currency notes lying on the road. Sometimes, they mislead the victims saying the vehicle had a flat tyre. Never leave your cash bag or valuables in the vehicle even for a few seconds. The best way would be to carry the bag with you even if you wish to alight the vehicle. Another important tip is not to blindly trust in the words of strangers.