Special Correspondent

Chairman clarifies stand on Sanskrit

HYDERABAD: The State Official Language Commission is sore over the campaign that it is opposed to Sanskrit as an optional language in Intermediate education.

Referring to the postcard campaign, demonstrations and newspaper statements issued on behalf of Sanskrit Protection Committee, Commission Chairman A.B.K. Prasad told reporters on Wednesday that the commission was not at all opposed to students pursuing Sanskrit as a fulltime course like English, Telugu and other languages.

But, introduction of Sanskrit language in Intermediate course only for the purpose of enabling students to secure higher marks was objectionable, he opined.

Mr. Prasad said Sanskrit was a great language of Indian culture.

The students were not given a thorough grounding in Sanskrit.

In the Intermediate, they were merely required to translate Devanagari script of Sanskrit into English or Telugu in their answer papers..

The Commission was of the view that the students should continue to pursue in Intermediate, the second language that they had opted for earlier up to tenth standard or SSC.

They should not be allowed to shift to Sanskrit just for the sake of scoring more marks.