Decks are being cleared for the establishment of an ambitious textile park in the Jukkal Assembly constituency in the district. Over 100 acres of land has been identified and survey is in progress near Mandur mandal headquarters for the purpose.


Once the project becomes a reality, it will generate at least 5,000 jobs directly and indirectly to the youth in the area where cotton is grown extensively in the vast tracts of black soil.

The park will consist of ginning, pressing and cotton mills and apparel manufacturing units all at one place.

The Central government would bear 40 per cent of the total expenditure and the rest would be borne by the society to be constituted with entrepreneurs who would be setting up units in the park.

With the amount to be released by the Centre, electricity, water facilities and other required immediate infrastructure will be arranged.

As regards the government’s nod for the textile park, an official letter was received by the MLC D. Rajeswar who received assurance regarding the issue from Union Textile Minister Panabaka Lakshmi when she had arrived in the area for a programme last year.

The official letter requested that the MLC constitute a society with textile manufacturers and businessmen and in turn the society would liaison with the government till the establishment of the textile park.

“As per the guidelines, efforts are on to form the society,” said Mr. Rajeswar.

The State government would provide subsidies in electricity supply and tax relief for three years to the entrepreneurs and it would also take care of supplying one MLD water from the Manjeera River, he said, adding that water would be brought to the specified park area through a specially laid pipeline.

“Accompanied by local entrepreneurs, I will visit Mumbai, Surath and Sholapur inviting people into the textile business to set up units at the park. Initial signals are encouraging. We, the MP Suresh Setkar and myself will also meet the Prime Minister for necessary Central assistance shortly,” Mr. Rajeswar told ‘The Hindu’.