Tribal groups allege irregularities in land acquisition

Land disputes between tribal people and non-tribal farmers in the Agency cast a shadow on the Rachabanda programme at Jeelumilli in West Godavari district on Tuesday.

The proceedings were marred by vociferous protests by tribal groups over the alleged irregularities committed by the official machinery in acquisition of lands under the Relief and Rehabilitation (R&R) package for the victims of the Indirasagar project.

An extent of 400 acres of land hit by the Land Transfer Regulation (LTR) Act of 1970 was reportedly acquired from different parts in the mandal by paying huge compensation to non-tribal farmers enjoying these lands ‘illegally’, the protesters alleged.

The administration had paid compensation ranging from Rs 1.7 lakh to Rs 3.7 lakh per acre to non-tribal people in spite of the fact that the cases over the legitimacy of these disputed lands were in the courts.

The no-objection-certificates were allegedly issued by the RDO of Jangareddygudem in his capacity as incharge of the Special Deputy Collector’s court at K.R. Puram to facilitate acquisition of lands hit by the LTR Act, alleged Mohan, Jeelumilli mandal convener of the CPI (M).

The tribal people also protested against the alleged swindling of funds by the authorities of the Forest Department under the Joint Forest Management (JFM) programme.

Teak plantations were raised at Barrinkapadu, Ramanakkapeta and Jillellagudem under the JFM.

The plantations were cut and the timber disposed of, but the yield allegedly failed to reach the JFM members for the last several months, the tribal people said.

  • Protesters allege huge compensation

    paid to non-tribal people

  • They also allege swindling of funds by

    the Forest Department officials