Legal Correspondent

HYDERABAD: A Division Bench of the A.P. High Court comprising Chief Justice Anil Ramesh Dave and Justice Ramesh Ranganathan on Tuesday asked the authorities to maintain status quo regarding the allotment of land on the Tirumala hills and handing it over. The bench was dealing with writ petition filed by Srinivasulu, advocate from Tirupati.

He said that the government on earlier occasion had declared that any one who gives Rs. 10 crore will be given land on Tirumala for construction of guest houses, and this was under challenge in other writ petition. Pending this, a separate GO was issued allotting land to a film producer and to Yashoda Hospitals after they paid Rs. 1 crore only. The TTD kept the issue pending and the allottees have produced letters form the peshi of the Chief Minister asking for the implementation of the G.O. in favour of these two. He lamented that the issue of Tirumala lands have come to such a stage. The Bench ordered status quo and wanted the respondents to file counter affidavits.