Vijayawada Member of Parliament Lagadapati Rajagopal perplexed many of his seniors, classmates, juniors and other alumni of Andhra Loyola College (ALC) by giving some very unconventional advice to the boys and girls who are currently studying there.

Andhra Pradesh Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan tried to do damage control by saying that students may have fun, but they should know “where to draw the Lakshmana rekha”.

Mr. Rajagopal listed Lord Rama, Remo (a fun loving character from the hit movie Aparachithudu) and if necessary Aparachithudu in him as models for boys, Sita, Smitha (Silk) and Ramulamma as the models for girls.

The MP made these lists speaking about ‘courage’. He said all these persons or characters showed tremendous courage and fought for what they believed in.

In a bid to reach out to the students, the MP quoted a dialogue about love from the recently released Telugu movie “Mirchi”.

He gave the credit of teaching him about unconditional love to the Jesuits.

The Jesuits worked with great love not expecting anything in return, he said.

The Governor told the students to respect elders, teachers and girls. Students may have fun but they should know their limits.

He said the students should safeguard the prestige of the institution they were educated. “Any bad name you get also goes to the institution you studied in,” he said.