The Chief Minister has failed to get additional gas allocation, says BJP leader

The Opposition lambasted the “lack of foresight” of the Kiran Kumar Reddy Government and mismanagement of the power sector leading to a crisis and unprecedented hike in tariff.

Several BJP leaders were on indefinite fast at the Gandhi statue near GVMC in solidarity with BJP State president G. Kishen Reddy and MLAs Y. Lakshminarayana and Y. Srinivasa Reddy on indefinite fast in Hyderabad.

BJP national executive member K. Haribabu blamed the Congress Government for the present crisis. In spite of Congress Government at the Centre, Mr.Reddy failed to get additional gas allocations by convincing the Prime Minister or the UPA Chairperson, he said. Though the power-surplus northern states were ready to sell it, lack of grid connectivity prevented purchase. “After plunging the State into a crisis, the Chief Minister says it would be ready by next year,” pointed out Mr. Hariababu. Another instance of short-sightedness was not having a regasified liquefied natural gas terminal for use by the gas-based plants in the State.

Even in generating alternative the State was far behind Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Of the 1200 Mw solar power in the country, 850 Mw was being produced by Gujarat. Gujarat and Tamil Nadu also accounted for 5,374 Mw and 2,834 Mw of wind power respectively whereas Andhra Pradesh was lagging much behind.

Mr. Haribabu pointed out that Madhya Pradesh recorded an impressive growth of 13.5 per cent another BJP-ruled State, Chhattisgarh, was also doing well while Andhra Pradesh was way behind resulting in loss of employment.

The BJP leader said discoms should be given total autonomy. The EPDCL with the lowest transmission and distribution losses would be able to reduce tariff if performance was any parameter, he said. The six BJP leaders- Bandaru Rangamohana Rao, Kolli Ratna Kumari, P.V.N. Madhav, B. Lakshminarayana, Saragadam Patni Rao and D. Sulochana Reddy- gave up their fast following the State leadership’s directive in view of the Praja Chaitanya Sadassu on April 8 at Swarna Bharati Auditorium.x

Former Mayor D.V. Subba Rao who offered them juice said Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy was following in the footsteps of TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu who increased tariff in 2003, a year before elections, and was routed. Senior leader PV Chalapathi Rao was present.

TDP faults YSR

At the TDP one-day fast camp close by in solidarity with party president N. Chandrababu Naidu’s fast at Kakinada, party Urban president Vasupalli Ganesh Kumar said it was Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy regime that encouraged private power plants ignoring the government agencies with the ulterior motive of purchasing power at a higher price from them to enable them corner huge profits. The power tariff increase announced would place a burden of up to Rs.800 on the middle class with unit costing Rs.4.80.

He said the Congress MLAs should either convince Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy to reduce the tariff or resign.

Mr. Ganesh Kumar said the power generation cost had gone up owing to the inefficiency of the plants and people could not be burdened in the name of fuel surcharge adjustment.

They were not able to manage the business of power generation and distribution well, he said.

While the plight of farmers and rural areas languishing under power cuts was unenviable, even SSC students were under heavy pressure. Party leaders Harshavardhan, A.Vani, Lella Koteswara Rao, Rehman, Ch. Satyavathi and Nargis participated. Party leader Bharanikana Rama Rao offered juice to the fasting TDP leaders in the evening.

  • Discoms should be given total autonomy, says BJP leader

  • Former Mayor D.V. Subba Rao offers the partymen lime juice