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Last year, a large quantity of fish have died due to water contamination Samples from Sunkesula reservoir sent for chemical examination to check contamination

  • Fishermen said to have applied chemicals to catch fish
  • Experts say fish died due to increased algae depleting oxygen level

    KURNOOL: As summer is fast approaching, irrigation authorities and municipal officials are gearing up for ensuring steady supply of water in urban areas. Keeping in view the contamination problem last year in the KC Canal, the municipal authorities have collected samples from the Sunkesula reservoir on the Tungabhadra and sent them for chemical examination.

    Last year, a large quantity of fish died due to water contamination rendering the water unfit for human consumption. According to experts, the unexpected growth of algae caused depletion of oxygen level causing the death of fish. According to another argument, fishermen applied chemicals to cause anaesthetic effect on fish for easy catch. However, excess chemical level has caused death of fish.

    Following an alert from the Irrigation Department, the municipal authorities sent the samples from the reservoir for examination.Fishermen were also asked not to venture into the reservoir this year.

    As on Wednesday, the water available in the reservoir was 661 tmcft, which would be sufficient for Kurnool city throughout the summer. Another 500 tmcft was expected from the Tungabhadra reservoir in a week from the quota stocked there. According to Superintending Engineer K. Varadaraju, one tmcft was stocked at TB dam for drinking water needs of the city.