People of Palacole should be congratulated for having defeated Chiranjeevi and saved more than Rs. two crore to the exchequer by avoiding a byelection. Palacole is my native place and I went there recently. The sanitation in the town is worst to say the least. And the worst affected part is the Kodugattu in Brodipet. Hence I request the government to sanction the Rs. two crore thus saved, to the municipality of Palacole for improving the sanitation and developing it.



Subsidy for Telugu newspapers

Chief Minister Y. Rajasekhara Reddy who himself has chosen to take oath in Telugu last week for the second term may please see that the Telugu newspapers are available at the price of English dailies in the State by extending subsidy to the newspaper industry and promote the language which acquired the “classical language”.

C.V.K. Mohan Varma,


Plea to BSNL

Though BSNL is introducing new equipments and assuring connectivity with ease, the users of BSNL phones installed in the eighties and nineties and earlier have to contend with old instruments which at times give trouble. Why not the department replace these old instruments by installing new ones?

Vimal Kumar

AC Guards

Prompt action by BSNL

Reacting to the letter published in these columns The Hindu dated May 18, the BSNL officials have rectified my phone 23172118 by replacing the set and the same is now in good working conditions. I thank The Hindu and the BSNL authorities for the prompt action.

K. Mallesh,