Plots from Azam Jahi Mills grounds, which was acquired from NTC

The Kakatiya Urban Development Authority (KUDA) proposes to auction 120 plots of various sizes from the Azam Jahi Mills grounds, which it acquired from the National Textile Corporation.

The 7th phase of auction will take place on November 13 and 14. The KUDA plans to sell 60 plots of 200 square yards, 51 plots of 300 square yards and nine plots of 1,200 square yards.

Collector Rahul Bojja and Joint Collector Vakati Karuna who is also the vice-chairperson of KUDA said two acre land was allocated for construction of office buildings to LIC and 10 acres for integrated residential quarters.

The upset price of last auction was set at Rs. 7,000 per square yard and since the plots in current auction were on roadside upset price is likely to be around Rs.10,000. Last time, KUDA got Rs. 2,000 per square yard more than upset price in the auction.

Referring to Land Regularisation Scheme (LRS), the Collector said the scheme would come to a close on December 31, 2001. The KUDA had received a total of 4,025 applications under the scheme and disposed 1,633. The rest 2,392 were kept pending for further information. “This is the last chance for regularisation of land. Those who failed to comply will be punished as per law,” the Collector said urging the people to apply immediately and get their authorised land regularised.

The long pending integrated government offices complex would be coming up soon at the vacant land in Balasamudram. The KUDA also proposes to develop parks and lakes as part its development plan. To begin with, it would be putting in place a musical garden adjacent to Bhadrakali temple , the Collector said.

  • The 7th phase of auction will take place on November 13 and 14
  • As the plots are on roadside, upset price is likely to be around Rs.10,000