Union Minister Kotla Suryaprakasa Reddy inaugurated the Ongole Bull contest at Nandyal on Thursday. Member of Parliament S.P.Y. Reddy, MLA Shilpa Mohan Reddy and others were present. The festival which would go on for one week has attracted bulls from across the State. A huge prize money amounting to Rs 13 lakh was set apart by the organisers.

A total of 42 pairs of bulls are likely to take part in the contest. On the first day, the contest was help for sub-junior category in stone beam drawing.

Addressing the function, the Minister underscored the need for protecting the world renowned Ongole breed bulls, which was the pride of Andhra Pradesh.

  • One-week festival attracts bulls from across the State

  • Organisers set aside huge prize money of Rs 13 lakh