A film that got two Nandi awards way back in the 90s hit the screens in what could be termed a commercial release only in 2010, but managed to run for 100 days in some theatres, while also getting the distinction of being screened for 50 days without a break in one theatre.

That was ‘Allani Sreedhar’s ‘Komaram Bheem’, a film that won acclaim for being an honest portrayal of the life of Gond tribal leader who fought against the Nizam’s forces for the liberation of Hyderabad. The latest feather in Mr. Sreedhar’s cap was the national recognition it got from the Komaram Bheem Smaraka Samithi Foundation, run by Komaram Sone Rao, grandson of the valiant martyr.


This being the icing on the cake for this particular film project, the soft-spoken writer, passionate filmmaker and a self-made producer-director has drawn appreciation for films like ‘Raguluthunna Bharatam’ in Telugu featuring thespian Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Dasari Narayana Rao and Jagapathi Babu, apart from ‘Prema Naa Pranam’ with Vanisri, Nasar and Varun Raj.

Each one of his seven films has been different but what is unique is the seriousness with which he pursues film-making, not falling prey to commercialism, a trait that is not easy to find in the present day crop of directors. ‘Gautham Buddha’, which he made a few years ago starring Puneet Issar, Sunil Sharma and Parvati Melton, was screened in Bihar and Maharashtra for 100 days and none other than the Dalai Lama is known to have appreciated the film when he was shown a few clippings.

The Komaram Bheem Memorial Foundation award is to be presented to Mr. Sreedhar in about a fortnight at a function in New Delhi, he said.

Film acclaimed for honest portrayal of the life of the Gond leader who fought against the Nizam’s forces


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