Student volunteers of Aastha Club (The Service Club) Club of the K.L. University Student Ordinate (KLUSO) plan to launch on Sunday ‘Be A Friend’, a new programme that envisages reaching out to the under-privileged children in orphanages and other shelter homes and provide them succour in all possible ways.

Beginning with the city-based Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, a home for street children, the Aastha Club volunteers will fan out to other such organisations in the days to come. “As part of ‘Be a Friend’, we want to impart coaching to children in spoken English, computer basics, general knowledge, and marshal arts,” says P. Chandra Kanth of the KLUSO.

A dozen-odd such clubs function under KLUSO and students enrol as volunteers in these clubs based on their area of interest.

Besides Astha, the many arms of KLUSO include Yantrana Club (The Technical Club), Vachas (The Literary Club), Prakrithi & Aarohana (Environmental and Trekking Club), Samskrithi (Indian Heritage), Abhinaya (The Dramatics Club), Narthana (Dance), Swara (Singing), Lalitham (Cultural Club), Health Club and Hobby Club.

Shortage of power being a burning issue, the budding engineers from Prakrithi Club launched an initiative to save power with a slogan of ‘No Power Hour’. “Our attempt was a grand success and we intend to continue an hour-long ‘No Power Hour’ once every week,” he says.