Panchayat Raj Minister K. Jana Reddy has emphasised that the government should clarify on the proposed integrated steel plant in Telangana region and allotment of Bayyaram iron ore mines to Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd (RINL).

Given the strong Telangana sentiment and sensitive situation, though natural resources are considered national wealth, “One should act in a manner not to provoke any one.

The government should insist on setting up the steel plant in Telangana area for generating jobs and use the steel produced to meet national requirement,” Mr. Jana Reddy said while speaking to media persons on Wednesday.

When his attention was drawn to Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy’s categorical announcement that the Memorandum of Understanding with the RINL on Bayyaram iron ore mines would not be cancelled, Mr. Jana Reddy said the Chief Minister should send out a message that he was not partial to any region.

“I will speak to the Chief Minister personally and in the Cabinet to drive home the point that one has to act with restraint and if possible take decision that benefits Telangana people,” Mr. Jana Reddy said.

He said that they were not aware of the MoU on Bayyaram with RINL at the time of issuance of memos.

‘No cause for panic’

But there was no cause for panic if someone was politicising Bayyaram issue. The GO was clear that a beneficiation plant and integrated steel plant should be set up by the RINL in Telangana in lieu of allocation of Bayyaram iron ore mines. However, in the wake of the controversy and apprehensions, the government should clarify once again that it would do justice to Telangana people.

“We will at a suitable time, after a debate, release a statement on this,” he added.

Tribal rights

Not only the interests of Telangana people, but even the Tribal Rights Act and PESA Act should be kept in mind before taking a decision on steel plant in the tribal belt, he said.

‘The Chief Minister should send across the message that he is not partial to any region’