Kiran Kumar Reddy's Telugu continues to amuse listeners

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Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy being ill at ease with his mother tongue is no news at all. However, fresh instances of the same never cease to amuse the listeners. During Monday's Rachabanda programme in Qutbullahpur too, Mr. Reddy entertained the audience with his regular gaffes galore in Telugu, omitting a syllable here, and adding one there. He not only fumbled for simple Telugu equivalents of ‘silver' and ‘mortgage', but also enquired aloud for them. Those on the dais were quick to save the situation by providing appropriate words. The Chief Minister also got names of a few well-known areas such as Jagadgiri Gutta and Bahadurpally wrong.

The drop in mercury levels has started impacting one and all in the State capital. Colourful winter wear, carefully preserved in mothballs, are out from the closets. Thanks to the onset of winter, fog in the early mornings has become a common sight at various places in the city outskirts.

Much to the chagrin of morning walkers, it has become quite difficult to take protective measures from the biting cold and fog in the wee hours. Many are even taking measures to completely cover their faces, leaving small slits for eyes, to avoid the cold.

Needless to say, the climate is triggering all sorts of upper respiratory tract infections and the public is trying their best to escape from the long winter and seasonal infections.

Is the Mayor, Banda Kartika Reddy, making a bid for a second term? This was the impression one got when she made a spirited speech and heaped praises on Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy the other day at the Rachabanda programme at Maulali. She repeatedly told about her being an Alwal ‘bidda'. Later, in his speech Malkajgiri MP Sarve Satyanaryana said she need not despair at the end of her term as she might get other opportunities with Congress president Sonia Gandhi favouring 33 per cent reservation for women. In a jocular way Mr. Satyanarayana said Ms. Kartika Reddy posed a threat to him and the local legislator A. Rajender.

Why this Kolaveri Di? The song went viral in blogosphere and everyone was literally humming it. And then came the ‘slapgate' where an agitated Harvinder Singh slapped Sharad Pawar and the social media sizzled again.

While netizens gave vent to their feeling freely on the ‘slapgate', the creative ones obviously did not lose much time. They grabbed images of the Minister and the sardar and spoofed the song. So “Why this Kolaveri Di?” became “Why this Kolaveri Jee?”. “I am singing a song-u…slap-u song” the morphed image of sardar sings and the slapping is shown repeatedly. Though the spoof is not as popular as the original, the number of hits on youtube are increasing minute by minute.







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