In a direct jibe at the media houses supporting political parties and vice-versa, Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy said on Wednesday that newspapers and channels should not risk losing their credibility and thus public patronage.

Speaking after laying the foundation stone for the Tirupati edition of Visalandhra daily, the CPI's mouthpiece, he said the readers today are wise enough to read through the lines and find the real intentions of a newspaper. “We (the Congress) enjoy people's support because we don't have any newspaper or channel of our own to bank on,” he said. The retort actually came as a reply to CPI State secretary K. Narayana's snub calling Congress as the only party without the support of ‘own media'. Though every political party had a medium of its own, the people were not naïve enough to believe whatever was reported/broadcast in the paper/channel. In a friendly spat, the local MP Chinta Mohan called the Left parties' decision to leave UPA-I as a “blunder”, for which Dr. Narayana snapped that a number of UPA-II leaders had to land in jail after the Left was ‘thrown out'.

Vishnu Nivasam

Along with TTD Chairman K. Bapi Raju and EO L.V. Subrahmanyam, Mr. Reddy formally inaugurated ‘Vishnu Nivasam', a six-storeyed pilgrims amenities complex spread over 4.11 acres in front of the railway station.