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`She is dark, of average height and wears a Punjabi dress'

HYDERABAD: The woman kidnapper, who disappeared with a two-year-old boy Aatish on Tuesday, has burn marks on her neck. She is dark, of average height, lean, wears a Punjabi dress and sports vermilion.

A bakery owner at Yousufguda noticed the burn marks on the woman when she brought Aatish there to buy him cakes. "The woman behaved in a way as if Aatish was her relative and made sure her body language didn't sow any seeds of suspicion in the bakery owner's mind," the police said.

She spoke Telugu and Hindi but was not fluent. This suggested that she hailed from Maharashtra. Contrary to earlier reports that a couple of her associates accompanied her while abducting Aatish, police said the woman came alone.

While taking away the boy, she changed three autorickshaws.