Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: Hypertension, or high blood pressure, should be kept under control since it is an important cause for heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and heart failure.

Hypertension most commonly causes death through its complications and in India 30 per cent to 50 per cent people are suffering with high blood pressure, said cardiologist of Care Hospitals M. Bhaskara Rao at a press conference held on Friday on the eve of the World Hypertension Day being observed on Monday. BP showing 140/90 reading (systolic and diastolic) and above is considered hypertension. Several organisations like International Society of Hypertension, World Kidney Day Foundation, etc. are observing the World Hypertension Day to create awareness among people about high BP and its related complications and effects on the society, Dr. Bhaskara Rao said.


High BP has no symptoms in 90 per cent of cases but giddiness, headache, lethargy, general weakness, pain in the chest if a person exerts himself or herself, breathing trouble while walking, reduced urine output are some of the indications of hypertension. Hypertension is caused due to physical inactivity, increase in bodyweight even in children, excessive stress due at workplace or in family, being habituated to smoking and alcohol from an early age, bad dietary habits, consumption of junk food and processed food which contain a lot of salt, etc., says Dr. Bhaskara Rao. All above 18 years of age must have their BP checked every six months or one year and indulge in good physical activity, reduce salt intake, avoiding smoking and alcohol. People should eat vegetables and fruits, keep body weight under control and reduce stress by doing yoga.