The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has abolished Patel and Patwari system and dismantled the feudal system in Telangana region and liberated the people from the clutches of land lords, said party senior MLAs R Prakash Reddy and D Sitakka.

Now the TRS leader K Chandrasekhar Rao and his family members introduced a new kind of feudal system in Telangana and began exploiting every section of the society and sentiments of people. By harping the Telangana sentiment, Mr. Rao and his family members amassed huge wealth.

“The TRS talks about self-respect of people. But, they never honour the self-respect of leaders working in the party” TDP leaders said.

The TRS leaders instead of replying to the allegations levelled against them were resorting to emotional blackmail.

KCR’s children Kavitha and KT Rama Rao were looting the region by blackmailing industries and individuals. They failed to give a clarification on allegations. “There is no answer from KCR. Where were his children before 2009? They just came down from US and amassed wealth. Those who have been working for years were sidelined,” Mr Prakash Reddy pointed out..