The Karimnagar district recorded the season’s highest temperature of 46 degrees Celsius for the fourth consecutive day on Thursday turning Karimnagar town into a furnace forcing the people to remain indoors.

With the temperature soaring to an all-time high, normal life was paralysed in various parts of Karimnagar district including Karimnagar town. All the busy roads wore a deserted look from morning 10 a.m. onwards. Due to blistering heat waves, the people were forced to cover their heads with masks and protect from sun.

On the other hand, the unofficial power cuts had added to the woes of the residents due to sweltering heat wave conditions. The routine business activities at the commercial complexes were also affected following the heat waves. Majority of the commercial establishments were doing the business only during the evening hours when the temperature cooling down and giving some respite from heat waves.

The unofficial power cuts added to the woes of the residents