NTPC imposes restriction on lifting fly ash

National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Ramagundam management’s decision to impose restrictions on lifting of bottom ash, the end product of the power station, by the brick kiln owners for making clay bricks had become a cause for concern for the brick kiln owners of the district.

Till (Sunday) March 31, the NTPC management had allowed the brick kiln owners to lift the bottom ash from the ash pond of the power station in Ramagundam mandal by using poclain machine. Against the total of 9,000 metric tonnes of ash generated every day by the power station, about 25 per cent of fly ash was directly lifted from the plant and supplied to the cement industries. The remaining bottom ash was being used by the brick kiln owners for making clay bricks.

Freshly, the NTPC management, on the pretext of increased demand for bottom ash for ash stowing in the underground mines of Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL), had refused permission to brick kiln owners to use poclain to lift ash from the pond.

It may be recalled that the NTPC management, in order to check environmental pollution, had forcibly encouraged the brick kiln owners to use the ash for making quality clay bricks and reduce degradation of earth for manufacturing regular clay bricks.

The Ramagundam (NTPC) Clay Ash Brick Manufacturers’ Welfare Association leaders said that the NTPC management’s restriction was a rude shock and it would displace several labourers employed in the brick kiln industry.

They said the NTPC management should allow them to lift ash by deploying poclain in the interest of environmental protection.

Association leader Prasad said they cannot lift the required quantity of ash to meet the demand in the market by deploying labour force.

The use of poclain alone can easily solve the problem, he added.

“For over a decade, we are forced to lift the ash from the NTPC pond for making bricks and now suddenly the management restricts us. It will be suicidal to over 200 brick kiln owners in the district,” he said.