Tension prevailed at Amirpur Begawala in Bijnore district after a kangaroo court on Tuesday ordered villagers to shun a family for giving refuge to their daughter who had left her husband after a quarrel.

Ahmed Raza was ordered to leave the village immediately for taking back his daughter and later handing her over to her husband.

The kangaroo court, which alleged that the woman was wayward, threatened the villagers with fines of Rs. 600 and Rs.1,000 if they spoke to or maintained social ties with Raza’s family. His house was stoned by miscreants. Meanwhile, Waris Ahmed, Raza’s son-in-law, said he pardoned his wife for leaving him for a few days in their 12th year of marriage. He said the family was staying indoors for fear of being insulted or assaulted.

“When we, including my son-in-law, have no problems, I don’t understand what is bothering the dabangs [anti-social elements]?” Raza asked on Thursday.

“We hope the District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police will register a cognisable offence and protect us,” he told reporters.

The family was taken aback as the Kotwali police registered an FIR only for a non-cognisable offence.

SP Anis Ahmed Ansari told The Hindu over telephone that he would take appropriate action after polling for the Lok Sabha seat ended on Thursday.