Staff Reporter

VISAKHAPATNAM: Kamal Hasan’s multifaceted film personality was revealed in brief, interesting nuggets at the inaugural of the three-day retrospective of the actor to mark his 50 years of cinema career organized by Vizag Film Society at the Academic Staff College here on Thursday by theatre personality and actor S.K. Misro.

Misro who was associated with Kamal Hasan as assistant director during the shooting of the memorable Maro Charitra and also acted in several films with him described him as actor nonpareil. His love of poetry and literature was such that it transcended barriers of language. Recalling an incident, Mr. Misro said Kamal Hasan wanted to meet well-known writer Kalipatnam Rama Rao but it was difficult to go just like that as he would be mobbed.

As Misro went to his hotel room, the actor emerged in a lungi, striped shirt and a towel around his head. But somehow people got scent of it and they could not meet the writer.

Once Mr. Misro asked the actor what was the sweetest south Indian language. He expected he would say Telugu or Tamil, being the actor’s mother tongue. But the answer, to his surprise, was Malayalam. Candour marked the expression of his considered views.

In a radio interview he asked Kamal Hasan why there was a dearth of quality films and directors.

The actor replied that generally people brought him persons who were admittedly not good at anything and wanted them to be put in films in the direction section. Instead, films being a creative media, people who topped in one field or the other should come into it.

Recalling his stint as assistant director with Kamal Hasan, Mr. Misro said in Maro Charitra he delivered a 10-line dialogue almost flawlessly, something even regular artistes could not do, and described him as ekasanthagrahi (one who would learn at one go).

VFS President G. Ramachandrudu said the society had plans to organize a five-day international film festival at VUDA Children’s Theatre in October in association with the Federation of Film Societies of India. Renowned film director Shyam Benegal would be invited.

Kamal Hasan-starrer Idi Kadha Kadu was screened.