People living in low-lying areas face threat of inundation

After lashing the city for four days continuously, the downpour stopped giving respite to the people here on Wednesday. Except gales every now and then, no rainfall was reported from the early hours of the day. However, the problem of inundation remained as the rainwater did not recede due to the high tide (‘potu' in local parlance) in the sea.

The difficulties of people residing in low-lying areas will continue for another couple of days. High tide is likely to continue till the new moon day and after that there is a possibility of water receding.

After being confined forcibly to their houses for four days, people heaved a relief as they were able to come out on Wednesday. Though all the roads, including the arterial roads, were water-logged, it has not stopped the public from roaming on the roads. The vendors found place on the corners of the footpaths to sell stuff like vegetables and fruits. Though the prices were exorbitant, they did a brisk business during the day.

Help is pouring in from different quarters to the cyclone victims. Leaders of the Telugu Desam Party, under the aegis of former MLA Vanamadi Venkateswara Rao, distributed 10 kg of rice, bread packet and half-a-litre milk each to 1,000 victims during the day. Party's Polit Buro member Yanamala Ramakrishnudu visited Samalkot Road, Pappula Mill, Kuntidevipet, Venkateswara Colony, Prizerpet and surrounding areas and distributed the help on behalf of the party.

He faulted the State government for not providing any help to the victims, except for announcing that there was no loss due to the cyclone.

He demanded that the government supply rice to all the victims. Party city unit president Dusarlapudi Ramana Raju and others were present.

As part of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, the Coromandel International Limited distributed ‘pulihora' packets and drinking water sachets to over 3,000 victims at Valasapakala and Vakalapudi villages. P.S.N. Murthy, V.V.S.N. Raju and Ch. Suresh Babu distributed the food packets.

  • Help is pouring in from different quarters to cyclone victims
  • Telugu Desam Party leaders distribute 10 kg of rice