Leaders disgruntled at being denied party ticket

Congress MLC Shaik Hussain, former MLA Kandula Siananda Reddy, Kadapa District Congress Committee president Makam Ashok Kumar and official spokesman M. Venubhaskara Reddy are all set to quit the Congress and join YSR Congress.

YSRC Kadapa Lok Sabha constituency candidate Y.S. Avinash Reddy, former Minister Y.S. Vivekananda Reddy and former MLC C. Narayana Reddy held discussions with the Congress leaders who were disgruntled on being denied party ticket and invited them to join YSRC. The leaders, who have been serving the party for the last 25 years, decided to quit and hold consultations with party functionaries and their followers in Kadapa on April 24.

Mr. Shaik Hussain, who sought a party ticket for his wife Fathima Hussain for Kadapa Assembly seat, in case former Minister Mohd. Ahmedullah opts not to contest, informed A.P. Congress Committee president N. Raghuveera Reddy over telephone that they had no other option but to resign from the Congress.

Mr. Hussain said the party had not considered his seniority. He asserted that it was improper to continue in a party, which had failed to accord priority to him.

Mr. Ashok Kumar had sought ticket for Kadapa Assembly constituency, but Mr. Ahmedullah persuaded him to contest for Kadapa Parliamentary constituency, but ultimately pulled strings to ensure party tickets for Kadapa Lok Sabha and Assembly constituencies for persons, who had never aligned with Congress.

“A strange situation existed wherein some candidates entered the party office along with ‘B’ forms leaving the party leaders in the dark,” a leader remarked. DCC official spokesman B. Prabhakar and vice-president Khader Basha also participated.