C. Yaganteeswarappa, general secretary of Jana Vignana Vedika, has called upon students to restrict the use of plastic in order to save environment.

Addressing a workshop at Abdul Huq Upper Primary School here on Thursday, he said plastic would not get degraded for decades and contribute to soil pollution.

He pointed out that countries like the US and Germany made advance laws on plastic use and fixed the responsibility of handling plastic waste with the companies producing plastic products.

As per the new national plastic policy, hand bags below the size of 20 microns were banned. Plastic bags posed serious challenge to the health of cattle as well as human beings. Excessive accumulation of plastic would prevent of absorption of water by the soil.

Coconut water

Kadapa Staff Reporter writes: Jana Vignana Vedika will distribute ‘Ugadi patchadi' at the rythu bazaar near Kadapa Zilla Parishad and propagate the need to give up soft drinks and instead consume coconut water, JVV district general secretary A. Raghunatha Reddy said on Thursday.

Mr. Reddy said soft drinks had preservatives and ingredients that would harm the health of people. On the other hand, coconut water has nutritional and medicinal values, he said. Moreover, consumption of coconut water would result in financially assisting farmers.