What's in a name? One might quote the bard, but that's not all. Especially when newsmen deal with terrorists.

A Telugu news channel, with a penchant for breaking news, went to town with repeated news casts that Abu Hamza, suspected to be involved in several terrorist activities in the country was gunned down by security forces in Kashmir. The news peg here was that Hamza hailed from Hyderabad. An enterprising reporter even rushed to the house of Hamza and viewers were shown its closed doors .

But confusion prevailed as intelligence agencies later said that the Hamza killed in Kashmir was not the one hailing from Hyderabad. With this clarification, the channel removed the news clip from its telecasts. Didn't someone say that the basic duty of the reporter is to check and cross check?

One group is trying to garner attention by protesting against the helmet rule by painting speed breakers. But B.V. Naidu and the Heaven Welfare Organisation, (yes, that's what they are called), believe in being different. And logical. With another person wearing a grotesque skull mask with a placard screaming that `breaking traffic rules is equal to inviting death', Naidu is going around the city trying to promote the use of the safety gear.

Plastered on his body are news items on various road accidents caused by reckless driving and violation of traffic rules. Now, that is how a spirited campaign should be, isn't it?

When former Minister, erstwhile Congressman and now TDP leader M.V. Mysoora Reddy stripped to his towel, bathed and ate on the main road of Banjara Hills in front of his residence, Sunday morning suddenly became `newsy'.

Though initially it appeared as if the MCH had obstructed the entrance by erecting blue sheets, it later turned out that these were set up only after taking the permission of Dr. Reddy.

And, he expressly told the civic body not to bother about reconstruction of the sump and ramp from main road as his property was slated for reconstruction into a commercial complex. In any case he was using the side entrance for some years now due to `Vaastu'.

But, the ex-Minister did not bargain for revenue officials to swing into action. They not only staked claim to the Government land but also erected barbed wire fence effectively blocking all entry points to his house.

This got his goat and he flogged the Government. His reaction was not unexpected but the lofty motive was to `protect' Government land.

K. Srinivas Reddy,
Dennis Marcus Mathew and V. Geetanath