Eligible candidates from the displaced families under NTR Telugu Ganga and Somasila projects should be given employment, as they had been eagerly awaiting jobs for several years, District Collector Shashi Bhushan Kumar said on Wednesday.

Addressing a meeting with officials concerned in his chambers, the Collector said 172 eligible persons under NTR Telugu Ganga project have to be shown employment. Forty one posts were vacant in Government departments, but filling of 19 posts was possible as per Government guidelines, he said. He asked officials to initiate the process to recruit them and forward proposals to the Government with regard the remaining 22 posts.

Under Somasila, 138 eligible displaced have to be shown employment, but 34 posts out of 52 vacant posts can be filled as per Government guidelines, he said and directed officials to issue appointment orders to them. Proposals would be sent on the remaining 18 posts. The kin of eligible persons should be given employment if a displaced person was dead, he said.

In charge Joint Collector Krishnamohan Reddy, GNSS Special Collector Ramachandra Reddy, NTR Telugu Ganga SE Venkataramana and Somasila SE Ravindranath were present.