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HYDERABAD: With engineering and its various branches being among the most sought after career options, myriad doubts are natural.

A selection of questions from students at The Hindu Education Plus workshop and answers from experts are given below: Q: What are the prospects of chemical engineering?

A: With the ongoing boom in chemical industry, jobs are aplenty for chemical engineering graduates. Abroad, especially in gulf countries, they have even more and better opportunities compared to India.

Q: What is the basis for selection of candidates in sports quota?A: A person who represents the country in a particular game would be given highest priority even if he gets lowest marks among those competing for a seat under sports quota. Hence, it depends on the persons and their background attending for the counselling.

Q: What options do the persons who do not get jobs during campus placements?A: One suggestion is to go for post graduation by appearing for GATE. After doing M.Tech. it is candidate's skill that counts more than the percentage of marks. Another method is to develop soft skills.

Q: In some cases, the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has not recognized the engineering courses being offered by some deemed universities? What will be the position of students admitted into such colleges?A: Yes. There is a case pending in Madras High Court on this matter. Though the University Grants Commission recognized the colleges and courses, the AICTE has not recognized them giving rise to a controversy. It is better to

avoid such colleges till the court gives its verdict.

Q: What is the difference between engineering courses of computer science and information technology?A: Both are the same actually. Since the AICTE does not give permission to engineering colleges to run more than one section in same course, the managements are adopting this route of giving different names to same courses. However, the job opportunities, the syllabus and standards of the course would be the same.

Q: The college or the course, which should the student give highest priority?A: It depends on the interests of the students and varies from person to person. But most academicians feel it is the college and its standards that matter more than the course. Then, standards of the faculty are equally important. Quality of the faculty is decided by the publication of their articles in different journals.

Q: Are any details as to what rank of candidates would get admission into which colleges available?A: Information about the ranks of students and the colleges they got admitted into last year is available on the home pages of The Hindu . Known as seat-matrix data of the colleges and ranks for the year 2005-06 is available on or

Q: What is EAMCET counselling all about?A: The Hindu in its recent edition of Education Plus supplement published a detailed article on how students and parents should be prepared before attending the EAMCET counseling. Any further queries can be clarified by from the website

Q: Is there any method to find out details about the faculty of an engineering college?A: As per the norms of AICTE, it is mandatory for every engineering college to host a website about the college and display details like the qualifications and papers presented by their faculty members. However, not many colleges seem to be complying with these instructions.

Q: What about students who fail to get jobs during campus recruitments"A: One need not lose heart and prepare for the GATE. After completing p ost-graduation, it is their skills and not percentage of marks that counts for securing jobs.