The total offering in cash by devotees who thronged the Medaram jatara amounted to Rs.5.12 crore compared to Rs.3.17 crore earned in the 2010 jatara.

The counting of over 300 hundis was completed after a week-long operation by 200 personnel that were engaged by the district administration.

The jatara fetched 292 grams of gold and 33.3 kg silver, mostly as vermilion caskets.

There were currencies found from 15 different countries in the world from devotees who came. Currencies found in the hundi included that from America, Australia, Uganda, Ghana, Scotland, England, Oman, Zimbabwe, Canada, Nepal and Malaysia.

District Collector Rahul Bojja appointed two Revenue Divisional Officer rank officials besides officers from the Endowment Department to oversee the counting operations and depositing the same in banks.

In the 2010 jatara, the hundis fetched 733 grams of gold and 29.47 grams of silver. This time, more silver was offered to the tribal deities.

“It is team work. We also acknowledge people's co-operation but for which it would have been difficult,” the Superintendent of Police, Rajesh Kumar, and the Collector told The Hindu .

  • Rs. 3.17 crore earned during the Medaram jatara held in 2010

  • Currencies from 15 different countries found in over 300 hundis