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Ex-Vice-Chancellor N. Gopi produces the first-ever literary work on `Water'

HYDERABAD: If realisation about importance of water brought communities together in Rajasthan villages, poetry on the saga of water, `Jalageetham', is reaching people crossing language barriers.

The longest poetry work of N. Gopi, former Vice-Chancellor of Telugu University, has the unique distinction of the first-ever literary work ever done on `Water' and translated into several languages and its Gujarati translation by eminent Gujarati poet Ramanik Someswar was released by Gnanpeeth Award winner C. Narayana Reddi here on Monday.

The Gujarati version was dedicated to `Water Man' and Magsaysay award winner Rajendra Singh, as it was his amazing work that brought water to drought-hit villages of Rajasthan and gave life to five rivers that had gone dry in the Aravali ranges, inspired Mr. Gopi's original `Jalageetham'.

Prominent journalist Potturi Venkateswara Rao who presided over the meeting said that a poet conveys a known issue in a way that touches the heart.

Swami Sruti Prakash of Swami Narayan temple said: "One does not value what one has. Only when a natural resource like water becomes scarce, one understands its value. Every Indian should understand the importance of water, protect the sources and use water judiciously."

When a country like Israel managed its scant resources well, India in spite of adequate resources was facing water shortage in many areas, he said.

Rajendra Singh said Governments could never solve water disputes to the satisfaction of every one.

Poetry like `Jalageetham' would help create awareness among people and give them the philosophy of caring and sharing.

"Water does not belong to any one individual and cannot be commercialised and impounded," he said.

Mr.Gopi said though Someswar did not understand Telugu and followed Hindi translation for his Gujarati work, it did not compromise on the spirit of original work.

M. Raghuram of Kinnera Cultural and Education Trust that organised the book release function welcomed the gathering.