What propriety the Congress leaders of the region have to celebrate the declaration of Telangana State in the name of Jaitra Yatra as they were eulogizing Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy when the Telangana agitation was at its peak? , questioned Kuldeep Kumar Sahani, BJP Telangana Movement Committee vice-chairman.

At a press conference here Thursday, Mr. Sahani sought to remind that neither had the Ministers nor the Congress MLAs called on the bereaved families of Telangana martyrs to console them. Accusing the Congress leaders of organising the mega meeting only with an eye on the votes, he said that they were embarking on such moves to satisfy their leader Sonia Gandhi. Mr. Sahani said that Congress leaders should do their Yatras before their Chief Minister to prevent him from raising curtains to the plots to stop the formation of Telangana State. He went on to say that the UPA Government could not form Telangana State without the cooperation from the BJP.