Senior YSR Congress leader M.V. Mysoora Reddy on Tuesday claimed that the efforts of party president Jaganmohan Reddy to mobilise support from regional and national parties against State’s bifurcation and the need to amend Article 3 had evoked good response.

Talking to reporters here, he said the response was good and encouraging and the leaders of BJP, CPI, CPI(M), TMC, BJD, RJD, NCP, Shiv Sena and JD (U) were convinced with Mr. Jagan’s contention that Article 3 should be amended and the majority of them have agreed that division of Andhra Pradesh was arbitrary and for political reasons.

He said Mr.Jagan had explained the finer points and the reasons behind the arbitrary decision of Congress to divide the State for political reasons. He said all the leaders agreed that Article 3 could be misused by the party in power at the Centre and there was a need to amend it with checks and balances. He said that Mr. Jagan would soon meet leaders of Samajwadi Party, DMK and AIADMK. The mood of the nation was that an amendment to Article 3 was necessary as it could be misused by the Centre going by the Andhra Pradesh example.

Mr. Mysoora Reddy said Rayala Telangana was another gambit of the Congress to drive a wedge among the people of Rayalaseema.