The Srushti Test Tube Baby Centre at Kothapet here was seized by District Medical & Health Officer M. Gopi Naik in the presence of Superintendent of Police (urban) A. Ravi Krishna on Tuesday on the charge of cheating a couple belonging to Kantheru village in Tadikonda mandal in the name of IVF (in-vitro fertilization).

A special team was formed by the CCS police to trace the culprits and an FIR was being filed.

The couple, having three children, all of them girls, desired to have a male child. With the belief that IVF would make their dream come true, they approached the test tube baby centre where they were given counselling about the medical procedures and promised that the IVF method of conception would deliver a male child for them.

The couple paid approximately Rs 4 lakh for undergoing the treatment, which was given at a clinic in Vijayawada. However, the pregnancy was terminated with the procedure failing.

Mr. Gopi Naik said a case was filed by police on the basis of a complaint made by victims with the help of women's associations.

The matter was being taken to notice of the Collector. Staff of the clinic in Vijayawada were also absconding.

Mr. Ravi Krishna said the accused could not be immediately identified but due priority was given to bringing the culprits to book. 

  • Couple duped to an extent of Rs 4 lakh

  • Male child promised but procedure failed