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Cricket fans can compete with each other across the world through this site

  • The team that wins the maximum number of points will win the league title
  • A UK firm has sponsored a Kenyan Safari to a lucky winner.

    VISAKHAPATNAM: Fantasy sports, which is a popular online interactive game in America, particularly in football and baseball, and soccer in Europe, wherein the real on-field action and virtual games are mixed, has been introduced in cricket in India on the eve of the World Cup in the Caribbean.

    In virtual reality, friends could compete with each other at any place and time.

    Friendly competition

    The website www.cricketshowdown.com was launched in January for the cricket fans to enjoy friendly competition with each other, said executive director of Samudra Software Peter K. Schneeberger here on Tuesday.

    The game has competitive leagues-groups of friends and others with each individual to select a set of World Cup players as his or her team members. But the condition here is that only the players participating in this World Cup can be selected as team members. Players from different countries can make up a team. Each team can have 15 players-five batsmen, five bowlers and one wicketkeeper. No two members of a team can have a common player.


    The points to each team will be earned depending on the performance of the players of this team in the actual World Cup matches. The team that wins the maximum number of points will win the league title.

    The website is developed by Samudra Internet Ventures, a JV between a group of American investors and the Samudra Software of Visakhapatnam. Two NRIs Vijay Garimella of Florida and Krishnakant Nammi of Seattle played a major part in developing the website.

    Registration on the website closes on March 10. Other details can be had by calling 2714368.