It was destined to happen, says Hyder Ali

K. Hyder Ali being treated at Asha Hospital in Anantapur.— PHOTO: R.V.S. PRASAD  

Ali goes without medical aid for a day after his return from Gandhi Hospital

“I do not have any regrets. It was destined to happen. I will continue with my life as usual after the wound heals”, said Hyder Ali (35), the man whose hand was severed in an accident while getting off a train in the Secunderabad station a few days ago, who was on Wednesday traced to his native district of Anantapur, where he is currently being treated.

Kondakamarla Hyder Ali (35), who is a farmer-cum-trader of tamarind from the Gandlapenta mandal of the district, created a flutter when he chose to walk with the severed limb for more than a kilometre to the Mahatma Gandhi General hospital at Musheerabad in Hyderabad, drenched in blood.

Goes missing

While he was attended to at the hospital immediately, he went missing from there the same day with none including the hospital staff being able to reach him. A little later, the severed limb was also found lying next to the railway tracks in the hospital.

Speaking to The Hindu at a hospital in Kadiri in the district, Hyder Ali said, “I came back from Hyderabad along with my relatives in a car to my village the next day, soon after I regained consciousness.” Ali remained without medical aid for almost a day after he came back from Gandhi hospital.

“It just did not occur to me that I needed to carry my severed limb along when I walked to the hospital. I walked for close to a kilometre when someone on the road, observing that I was injured called an ambulance which took me to the hospital,” he said.

Much against the directions of the doctors to stay back at the Asha hospital in Anantapur where he admitted himself yesterday, he left the hospital without the knowledge of the doctors.

When asked why he left the hospital, he said he did not want inconvenience his relatives back at his village who wanted to visit him and hence went back to the village for the day.

However, he joined at a local hospital in Kadiri.

Meanwhile, Venkateswara Rao, Superintendent of the Government General Hospital at Anantapur told The Hindu that his limb might well have been sewed back to life within in the first few hours, had he only taken care to carry his limb along to the hospital.

However, he said that chances for death due to the incident can well be negated completely. The doctors who treated him at the hospital at Kadiri also concurred with the same.

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