G. Ravikiran

Students make merry with offers pouring in

  • Salary between Rs.2 and Rs.3 lakhs a year
  • Emphasis on industry-ready job skills

    VIJAYAWADA: From Accenture to Wipro and from L&T to Maytas, over two dozen top-notch companies have, of late, visited engineering colleges in and around the city, and provided some of the best offers to job aspirants. The salary offered ranges from Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs a year, and this entry-level bonanza comes with the promise of a quantum rise in the pay as the employee progressively gains experience.

    Students of almost all branches of engineering are making merry, with opportunities knocking at their doors. The training and placement cells in the colleges are naturally busy attracting the best companies to visit their campuses.

    Vijaya Maruthi Babu, training & placement officer of V.R. Siddhartha Engineering College, says that generally software-centric jobs are in demand, and these jobs attract students of engineering disciplines other than IT as well.

    Equal grounds

    "But this does not mean that students of core engineering subjects should suffer. We are giving equal importance to core subjects also. Instrumentation and mechanical engineering are doing extremely well and the students of these subjects too are getting handsome placements," he explains.

    Mr. Maruthi Babu says that Sasken communications, which provides software services and solutions in 3G wireless and broadband DSL technologies, has recently held a recruitment drive on their campus. The other companies that have recruited students are TCS, Infosys, IBM, Satyam, Virtuso, Sonata, L&T, Essar, Polaris, GE Energy, SVEC consultants, HCL, Sutherland BPO, Thermal Systems and Ruchi Oil.

    Skill set

    During campus recruitment drives, the emphasis remains on industry-ready job skills among students. The colleges have begun to focus on these areas and equip students with necessary skills.

    The companies are keen to recruit the local students in view of their good academic record and an attitude to learn.

    Mr. Maruthi Babu says future holds many more things in store for the present generation, and "shortly a company will visit their campus offering a salary unheard of in the local recruitments."

    He points out that there are enough students who are ready to meet the requirements of such high-paid entry-level jobs.

    The colleges have the common experience that corporate companies reject candidates who do not have a first class in SSC and Intermediate.

    It is not enough that one has a better record in the engineering subject alone.

    A consistently good record of showing will enable them to appear for campus interviews by HR managers of top companies.