Hundreds of devotees of International Society for Krishna Consciousness on Friday organised a colourful rally, in connection with the ‘Vigraha Pratistapana’ being taken up in the newly constructed ISKCON temple in the city. The devotees, who hailed from different countries, sang songs chanting ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna’. They performed bhajans and dances explaining the greatness of Sri Radha Krishna Chandra.

ISKCON management made elaborate arrangements for the three-day ‘Sri Mandira Vigraha Pratistotsavam’, which also coincided with the inauguration of ‘Vedic Cultural Centre’ to be held from Friday.

Devotees performed special pujas including ‘Svasti Vaachanam and Shanti Mantras’, ‘Shree Sookta Homams, Sudarshana, Narasimha, Vaastu and Vaishnava Homams’, and Dwaraa puja on the first day.

The temple management will offer 16 ‘Upacharas’ and ‘Vishesha Maha Absishekam’ and install ‘Maha Kalasam’ on top of the temple in the next two days.