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The GO issued despite objections raised by social activists over alienation of irrigation land

VISAKHAPATNAM: The State Government has issued orders allotting 640 acres and 75 cents of land to Alfa InfraProp Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi for establishment of a coal-fired power plant in Komarada mandal in Vizianagaram district.

The GO Ms. No. 466 dated 22.05.2010 was issued for alienation of land by Revenue (Assignment-I) Department brushing aside criticism by former bureaucrat and social activist E.A.S. Sarma and others over the rationality behind allotment of irrigation and cultivable land for a private power project in violation of established norms.

Mr. Sarma and several environmentalists had said that merchant power plants like Alfa InfraProp Pvt. Ltd would not be of any benefit to the State as they would be at liberty to sell power to anyone they wished.

The land in question falls in Kotipan, Padakarajala, Rajulapadu, Srirampuram and Komadada villages of Komarada mandal. The promoter of the project will generate 2640 MW. As per the order, the market rate of land is fixed at Rs.82,000 per acre for the lands at Kotipam, Rs.40,000 per acre at Padakarjala and Komarada and Rs.56,000 per acre at Regulapadu and Rs.68,000 per acre for the lands at Sivaramapuram village subject to the change of classification from objectionable to unobjectionable wherever necessary.

This is also subject to imposition of the certain conditions in relaxation of ban orders imposed on alienation of water bodies. The GO made it very clear that under no circumstances, the water bodies and their courses should be obstructed or hindered by the allottee.

The GO says the allottee has to pay amount for the land as per market recommended by the empowered committee subject to certain conditions and also change of classification from objectionable to unobjectionable wherever necessary in relaxation of ban orders in force.

As per the report submitted by Vizianagaram Collector, and recommended by Special Chief Secretary and Chief Commissioner of Land Administration/the Empowered Committee, consultations were made with Panchayat Raj, Irrigation and Command Area Development and other departments. Orders were issued for alienation only after consulting all the departments concerned.