K. Mrityunjaya Ram

NELLORE: Iron ore-laden lorries proceeding from Obulapuram to Krishnapatnam for the past few months have been posing a great danger to public life.

Not less than 50 persons were killed while more than 100 persons were injured in different accidents across the district in the last three to four months. This apart, the movement of these lorries round-the-clock was also affecting the health of several villagers in the district, if the current state of affairs is any indication.

Hundreds of iron ore-laden lorries from Anantapur district pass through Atmakur, Sangam, Buchireddypalem, Kovur, Nellore and Muthukur to reach Krishnapatnam port daily with a normal speed of 70 to 80 kmph and there are number of residential areas, schools and colleges en route.

“Moreover, most of the times these vehicles are overloaded-above 50 tonnes-and they have to reach the port at Krishnapatnam at a stipulated time. As a result, accidents have been taking place at regular intervals ,” claimed a driver of iron ore-laden lorry.

Besides, the journey time between villages to the district headquarters or to any other place in Kadapa district has gone up significantly due to frequent traffic snarls. But officials concerned have become mute spectators most of the time. There are, however, some villages, who have not been allowing these lorries to pass through albeit for a brief period, said a villager K. Krishna Reddy of Kovur. Meanwhile, Transport Department officials claimed that they had indeed booked several cases against errant vehicles -overloaded and speeding iron ore-laden lorries- and Nellore had topped the list in the State.