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Centre giving 2,750 for construction of each lavatory

The village among 12 panchayats recommended for assistance

Srikakaulam: Ippili in Srikurmam panchayat is one of the 12 villages identified by the Central Government under the Sampoorna Parishuddha Padakam scheme. The Government has identified 12 villages this year in the district for making the villages clean and garbage free apart from encouraging construction of individual lavatories.

As one enters Ippili, one notices clean roads and garbage-free streets and lanes. The village sarpanch Amaravathi and her husband encourage the villagers to maintain high standards of cleanliness and instructs people to immediately clean garbage or refuse on the streets.

The village has a population of 2,300 and out of nearly 400 households about 374 were sanctioned individual lavatories in 2009-10 under the Sampporna Parishuddha Padakam. The villagers have already commenced construction of individual lavatories even before the scheme was launched. The Centre is giving Rs. 2,750 for the construction of a lavatory.

Action plan

Sarpanch Amaravathi has an action plan to develop the village into a model village. As part of it, steps were taken for laying of cement roads, construction of drains and making the village huts-free by implementing the Indiramma housing scheme and covering all beneficiaries under the scheme. The village also has a beautiful look with hundreds of coconut plantations and lot of greenery. Revenue Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao also had evinced keen interest in the development of the village by liberally sanctioning Indiramma housing. Village Secretary Venkat Rao said that with the help of general funds of the panchayat roads and drains were being laid.

Superintending Engineer RWS Kanthalal told The Hindu that Ippilli is one of the 12 gram panchayats recommended for assistance under the scheme.

He stated that villages which successfully implemented the scheme would be given the “Nirmal Grama Puraskar” which includes payment of incentive of Rs.50,000 to Rs.2 lakhs depending upon the size of the population of the panchayat.

Construction of lavatories and prevention of open defecation, clean roads and drains are the criterion for bagging the puraskar. Four villages in the district have so far bagged the awards. The idea is to achieve cent per cent clean, green and hygienic environment in the villages.