Staff Reporter

NELLORE: The district police have arrested three persons belonging to a gang of cheats, who are believed to have duped several people for lakhs of rupees across the State.

The trio Ramlal Sankar, Saatharia Haarnia and Ramlal Jamuna, who hailed from Ghaziabad of Uttar Pradesh, were trapped while they were trying to sell fake gold chains made of some unknown metal to some local people at a throwaway price, according to Superintendent of Police (SP) B. Malla Reddy.

Modus operandi

Narrating the modus operandi of the inter-State gang, the SP said:

“The trio along with some accomplices, possibly even some women, approached several people including shopkeepers and doctors posing as customers.

Sweet-talking their victims, the accused flashed genuine piece of gold and hinted that it was part of the bunch of gold chains. And they persuaded the intended victims to accept the sample piece, which was made of pure gold. Thus the victims, encouraged by this fact, fell into trap.”

The Superintendent of Police said that the police was suspecting that a big gang might have been involved in the operation. “The gang might have indulged in similar activities across the State with the possibility of gullible victims parting with lakhs of rupees to touts, thinking they are netting a handsome bargain.”