The region needs Rs. 2 lakh crore package for development: RRS president

Kuncham Rama Subba Reddy, president of Rayalaseema Rastra Samithi, urged the intellectuals and political leaders from Rayalaseema to keenly observe the developments in Telangana and make appropriate moves in earnest.

Talking to reporters here on Saturday, he said Telangana sentiment had percolated down to village level and the people of the region strongly believed that only separate Statehood could solve all their problems.

He contended that no amount of convincing or cajoling would motivate the people to budge from their stand and nobody could stop formation of Telangana State. The recent voting pattern had clearly indicated the mood of the Telangana people, he said.

Mr. Reddy pointed that in case Telangana was formed overnight, Rayalaseema would be the victim of the division as it would be left without any resources and development.

He said the Rayalaseema region needed specific rights over water sharing and a package of Rs. 2 lakh crore for its development.

He urged the intellectuals to demand separate Statehood for Rayalaseema to end the problems of the region once for all. He said the backwardness of the region should be taken to people in a similar fashion as was done in Telangana. Mr. Reddy planned a rally “Rayalaseema pulikeka” in Tirupati on August 29.

In October Mr. Subba Reddy planned padayatra from Panchalingala village near Kurnool bordering Telangana to Tirupati to highlight the cause of Rayalaseema.

He said the region should have separate Statehood with inclusion of areas like Bellary, Krishnagiri and Vellore from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

  • Rayalaseema will be left without resources if Telangana is formed: Kuncham Rama Subba Reddy
  • He plans a rally “Rayalaseema pulikeka” in Tirupati on August 29