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Accused of killing surrendered woman naxal

HYDERABAD: It was Patancheru police station Inspector D. Kishan Singh's family members who killed surrendered woman naxalite, Nagamani alias Swaroopa, the police said on Friday.

Mr. Singh, with the assistance of his gunman E. Veeranna and homeguard G. Narayana, later shifted the body to his police station area and burnt it, Cyberabad Police Commissioner S. Prabhakar Reddy told a press conference here.

The Inspector developed intimacy with the woman since she approached him some nine years ago to secure the reward amount on her head.

Mr. Singh used to live with his first wife, Padmavathi, 36, in Prashanthinagar of Vanasthalipuram, and provided a rented house to Nagamani in the same locality. Of late, Nagamani was quarrelling with the Inspector since he started moving closely with another woman and began avoiding her. On January 30, she came to the Inspector's house and picked up a quarrel with Padmavathi.

When Padmavathi rang up Vanasthalipuram police, two SIs - B. Dhanalaxmi and B. Surender Rao - came to the house and sent away the agitating woman. On the night of February 9, Nagamani entered into argument with the Inspector over phone and threatened to create a scene at his house if he didn't come to meet her.

Mr. Singh, who was returning home from duty, rang up his family and apparently told them to bump off Nagamani if she troubled them. As soon as the woman entered Singh's house, his brother-in-law Srinu, nephew Prasad and mother-in-law Gajinibai beat her with sticks. When she fell unconscious, they strangled her to death. The same night, Mr. Singh shifted the body to Nagulapally in his police jeep and burnt the body. Based on a complaint lodged by Nagamani's brother, the Vanasthalipuram police registered a missing case. Initially, Mr. Singh feigned ignorance but spilled the beans during persistent questioning.

While, the Inspector, his gunman, homeguard, wife, nephew were arrested, his in-laws are still at large.