NGSC, The Hindu E-Plus Workshop concludes

Students studying in professional colleges were asked to enhance their creativity by adopting different techniques like, mind mapping, brainstorming, idea generation, bionics and using the other half of the brain hemisphere. Addressing an innovative training workshop on ‘Creativity - Think out of the Box’ on the second day on Thursday at Rajamahendri Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajahmundry by Naipunya Global Skills Corporation, in association with The Hindu Education Plus, Mr. K. Balaji Reddy, head of the corporation presented “Creativity Enhancement Techniques” to the students. He urged students to practice these techniques and implement them in their day to day problems of professional life.

He also explained “The Killer Phrases of Creativity” which generally kills creative potential in persons in an organisation, if used. Some of those phrases were, “Yes, but …, the boss will never go for it, I don’t have time, get a committee to look into it, we tried that before, it’s not in the budget, it’ll never work, It’s not my job” and so on. He asked students not to use these phrases if they become bosses in future for any organisation or not to get discouraged by them if they were used by their bosses.

The students were shown some interesting videos related to creativity and creative thoughts. Some innovative products were also introduced with Power Point presentation to students to ignite the spark among them to design new and creative products for the betterment of the life and the world. Some of those products include, neon light up slippers for night, flying car for traffic jam, electric motorised shoes, adjustable measuring cup, etc. and asked students to come up with projects related to these new ideas. The students were so enthusiastic in observing them and busy in integrating their thoughts with new products.