The infighting in YSR Congress Rajahmundry Rural and other areas came to fore on Monday, when its senior leader M.V. Mysoora Reddy conducted review meeting on active membership drive in East Godavari district.

According to party leaders from Rural mandal, that the party had neglected important leaders like Girijala Swami Naidu, Nakka Rajababu and Ravipati Ramachandra Rao and selected Akula Veerraju as Rural constituency incharge, who recently joined the party. Large number of supporters of Mr. Veerraju who attended the meeting objected to these contentions raised by the supporters of the three leaders and there was a verbal battle between the two varying groups. There was a chaos in the meeting for some time as two groups started slogan-shouting and finally, Mr. Mysoora Reddy assured the two groups to settle the issue shortly by taking the issue to the party executive body. The scheduled press conference by Mr. Reddy was also cancelled due to the trouble in the party.

‘Scheduled press conference of M.V.Mysoora Reddy was cancelled due to trouble’