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Other nations had learnt more lessons from the Bhopal tragedy than India, says expert

HYDERABAD: Industrial and process safety is yet to become a part of Indian culture and every year there has to be upgradation of industrial safety to be on a par with other countries, said G. Thyagarajan, former director, RRL Jorhat, IICT.

Speaking at the inaugural session of a two-day Indo-Dutch training programme on Process Safety at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) here on Wednesday, Dr. Thyagarajan said other nations had learnt more lessons from the Bhopal tragedy than India. He said there was an urgent need for a mechanism to be evolved, where safety processes and industrial safety could be reviewed and discussed annually. “It is not enough to discuss these issues while remembering 25 years of a tragedy. Only when the issue is discussed intensively will it become part of the culture,” he said adding that political will was equally important.

Control mechanisms

Stressing on the need for better control mechanisms on a par with technological advances, Shyamal Ghosh, Administrator, United Service Obligation Fund (USOF) said there was a need for greater enforcement of zoning laws. Their Dutch counterparts C.M. Pietersen, CEO, Safety Solutions Consultants and H.J. Pasman, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands stressed on responsible safety management and leadership.

The two-day programme will provide specialised knowledge to 50 Indian scientific and technical personnel of chemical industry, R & D firms and academic centres in process safety assessment and emergency systems for information dissemination, mitigation etc. Earlier, Dr. Pietersen's book titled “25 years later, Mexico and Bhopal disaster” was released.